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A story of FAITH


 Meet The Creator 

Honey Mocha Essentials was created with beautiful skin in mind. Monica L. Williams created Honey Mocha Essentials in her home town, Cleveland Ohio in 2015. Being conscious of the things we put in our body inspired Monica to further investigate the benefits of placing the right ingredients on our skin as well. Our skin not only absorbs sunlight but also absorbs oils, lotions, creams etc. so creating skin care with healthy ingredients is a MUST!  Honey Mocha Essentials is a product line that will not only moisturize your skin, but will also enhance your skins natural state of moisture. Being a licensed massage therapist, Monica began to research and create therapeutic formulas that's moisturizing and beneficial to our skin naturally. Our products are made with no dyes, no parabens, no harmful chemicals; just raw vegan ingredients. Essential oils are scientifically proven to relax your body/muscles, enhance moods, heal skin conditions, alleviate pain, balance hormones and much more... Each product is handcrafted with love. If you do not see a product that fits you, contact Monica Williams via our Contact page and a customized product will be crafted for you, after all your skin deserves the best!

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